2017 A​GM Resolution Deadline

2017 A​GM Resolution Deadline

The resolution deadline is Monday, January 23, 2017.

About Resolutions

A resolution is a formal statement of a decision or expression of opinion put before or adopted by an assembly.

Resolutions are submitted to the ASG Annual General Meeting. Resolutions are advisory-only.

The Board decides what action, if any, it will ​take on resolutions approved at the annual general meeting (AGM). The subject matter of the resolution should:

Fall within the scope of ASG’s mandate; and
Not be currently under considerations by the Board
Reminder: Resolutions can also be submitted directly to the Board anytime during the year.

Drafting a Resolution

A resolution is composed of:

  1. Whereas Clauses: Describes the issue; leads logically to the “Resolved” clauses. Tip: You may prefer to provide background information and no “​Whereas” clauses.
  2. Resolved Clauses: Describes the action proposed or recommendation. There can be more than one “Resolved” clause, but they should be limited to items of significance.
  3. Background Information:Include a description of the issue; a statement outlining how the resolution would change the issue; the rationale for the proposed course of action.
    Tip: Can be used to supplement the “Whereas” clause.

Presenting a Resolution

The resolution contact person (or designate) presents the resolution at the AGM. After the resolution has been presented, it becomes the property of the assembly. At that point, an amendment to your resolution may be put forward. The assembly votes on whether to adopt the amendment or not.

Resolution Submission Form

Please use the resolution form below to submit your resolution for the 2017 AGM.