Seeking Albertans’ input on agriculture research


Seeking Albertans’ input on agriculture research

The following information was sent out to the Agriculture Community on Wednesday, January 8th, so you may have several copies in your inbox. The Alberta Seed Growers Executive met with Agriculture Minister Devin Dreeshen in August and discussed the value of regional research in relation to plant breeding, variety development, and variety performance assessments. Now the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry wants to hear directly from farmers as they decide where to decrease spending for the April budget. Research impacts many parts of your operation: basic science, plant breeding, agronomics, monitoring (pests: weeds, diseases and insects), predictive/management tools, assessing the effectiveness of ag policies, and extension of new information, use of existing infrastructure (buildings, equipment and people) are all being considered as the government works towards reduced spending. Several of the few remaining Provincial extension experts have already been ‘let-go’.

Your comments are important!

We encourage you to take the time to attend one of the meetings below. You will find the content of the meetings by clicking on the on-line survey link also provided below. You may find it helpful to review the survey prior to attending a meeting. If you are not able to attend a meeting on such short notice then please click on the on-line survey link to share your views on what research really matters to you, on your farm, or for your customers. This will be the only consultation with Alberta’s Farm Stakeholders about provincial research and it will be used to determine which programs and staff remain and which programs and staff are removed from the budget!

This is your chance to guide the development of research in the province that supports the future of agriculture.

Seeking Albertans’ input on agriculture research

January 08, 2020
Media inquiries

The government is holding engagement sessions and launching an online survey to gather feedback about the future of agriculture research in Alberta.

“We are working with farmers to determine their research priorities. This is an opportunity to transform how we do research and attract investment from the private sector. I see world-leading agricultural research happening here, either by leveraging work happening in existing facilities or building brand new ones.”
Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

There are six public engagement sessions throughout the province. The government will be seeking input on:

  • what farmer-led research means to Albertans
  • farmer-led research priorities
  • governance models for delivering farmer-led research

The online survey is open until Jan. 31.

Media inquiries

Adrienne South

Press Secretary, Agriculture and Forestry

Agenda for the 2020 AGM

Registration for this event has closed. 

For more information or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact:

Event Coordinator
[email protected]

See you in Kananaskis




THURSDAY, February 6, 2020 – Kananaskis Mountain Lodge – Gold & Silver Ballroom

1 – 3 PM               Registration & Exhibits Open

2 – 2:15 PM          Welcome – Emcee – Renee Hoyme, Alberta Seed Growers President

                               Session Welcome by Gerald Unrau, Meridian Manufacturing Inc.

2:15 – 4:15 PM     Results of the Seed Synergy Stakeholder Consultation

                              – Strategy Corp Inc.

5 – 6 PM                Reception, Registration, and Exhibits Open

6 – 8 PM                Alberta Seed Growers Association Awards Banquet (Gold Ballroom)

                               Welcome to Banquet Address: Allison Friesen

                                Introduction of Evening Entertainment: Chris Hammel

8 – 9 PM                Keynote speaker Dr. Joy Agnew: Smart Farming: A Glimpse into the Future

9 – 10 PM              Hospitality Suite hosted by SeedNet



FRIDAY, February 7, 2020 – Kananaskis Mountain Lodge – Gold & Silver Ballroom

7 – 8 AM                 Buffet Breakfast

7:30 – 8 AM           Registration & Exhibits Open                              

8 – 9:45 AM           Alberta Seed Growers Association – AGM Business Meeting

                                 1Call to Order

                                 2Approval of Agenda

                                 3Welcome Address: Alberta Seed Processors – Doug Sell, Vice President

                                 4President’s Address: Renee Hoyme

                                 5Disposition of Annual Minutes: Renee Hoyme

                                 6Appointment of Nominations Committee: Ward Oatway

                                 7Appointment of Resolutions Committee: Tracy Niemela

                                 8Disposition of Resolutions: Tracy Niemela

                                 9Auditor’s Report: Kelly Chambers on behalf of Daryl Andre Professional Corporation

                                10Appointment of Auditor:Renee Hoyme

                                11Budget: Kelly Chambers

9:45 – 10:15 AM    Refreshment Break & Exhibits Open (Silver Ballroom)

10:15 AM – 12 PM Canadian Seed Growers’ Association Updates: Jonathan Nyborg, Caroline Lafontaine, Brianna                                                  Chouinard

12 – 1 PM               Buffet Lunch (Gold & Silver Ballroom)

1 – 1:45 PM            Industry Updates and Presentations

                                 Russell Shuttleworth – Research Analyst, Agriculture Financial Services Corp.

1:45 – 3 PM           Alberta Seed Growers Board of Directors Year in Review

                                 Facilitated by Shawn Brook, President Issues Ink

3 – 3:15 PM           Break & Exhibits Open (Exhibits close 3:15pm)

3:15 PM                  Member to Member Session (Gold Ballroom)

                                1Call for Nominations

                                2Election of Directors

                                3Open Forum



                                6ASG Board Re-organization Meeting

Renee Hoyme elected as new Alberta Seed Growers board president

(Lacombe, Alberta) Feb. 26, 2019 – The Alberta Seed Growers (ASG) board of directors have elected Renee Hoyme as president and Tracy Niemela as vice-president following their annual general meeting on February 8, 2019.

“I would like to thank the board of directors for this opportunity,” said Hoyme, who previously served as ASG co-vice president for the past year. “I look forward to representing Alberta’s seed growers and working towards a bright future for our industry.”

Hoyme and her husband, Geoff, farm with her parents, Harry and Barb DeWindt, outside of Thorhild, AB.  Their farm, DeWindt Farms Ltd., is a pedigreed seed and commercial grain operation. Hoyme also works for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as an animal and seed potato inspector.

“I am honoured to serve another year as vice-president for this great organization,” said Niemela. “I will be there to support the board’s executive and represent the best interests of our membership.”

Niemela and her husband farm near Sylvan Lake with her parents, Terry and Marilyn, and other family members.

“On behalf of the ASG board of directors and members, I would also like to thank Ward Oatway for his service as our president over the past two years,” added Hoyme. “Our industry is tackling some challenging issues and Ward has been a strong leader for the education and awareness of our members and our customers. It is the voice of our members and the leadership from our board that has set our current direction. I’m confident that we are up to the task of building on solutions that benefit the entire seed industry.”

As outgoing president, Ward Oatway will remain on the executive as past-president for the next two years.


About the Alberta Seed Growers

The ASG is one of seven branches of the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association. Each branch has its own board that works at a provincial level but also has representation at the national level to communicate the sentiments of the provincial membership.

For more information, contact:

Kelly Chambers
Executive Director
c: 403-325-0081
e: [email protected]


Saskatchewan Pulse Growers is inviting marketing proposals for exclusive rights to the marketing, distribution, and sale of Pedigreed Seed within Canada (excluding Saskatchewan) for select pulse varieties released in 2019.

Exclusive pedigreed seed marketing rights for each cultivar will be awarded on the basis of demonstrated expertise, realistic business plans for increasing, promoting, distributing, and marketing of pedigreed seed, plans for the enforcement of plant breeders’ rights, willingness to pay registration, PBR, and regional trialing fees, and proposed financial compensation.

For more information, click here.

ASG November 2018 Newsletter

Our November 2018 newsletter can be viewed by clicking here.

Information regarding the Brian Knull Memorial Scholarship

The Brian Knull Memorial Scholarship was created in 2018 by CANTERRA SEEDS and the Knull Family to encourage rural students to continue with their education at a post-secondary institution.

Brian was a born in Wetaskiwin and raised on a farm in the County of Wetaskiwin. He attended Pigeon Lake Regional High School and University of Alberta taking Agriculture. Brian worked in the Agriculture field for over 40 years and contributed much to his community and local 4-H.

The $1500 scholarship will be awarded on a yearly basis.

For information, click here.

ASG August 2018 Newsletter

Our August 2018 newsletter can be viewed by clicking here.

ASG July 2018 Newsletter

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Important information re: Occupational health and safety – Farm and ranch

The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act sets the minimum standards for protecting waged, non-family farm and ranch workers. These industry-specific rules will come into effect Dec. 1, 2018.

To access the Government of Alberta’s website, which contains critical information regarding these changes, click here.


  • New technical rules in the OHS Code will be in effect December 1, 2018 for farms and ranches with waged, non-family workers.
  • OHS requirements do not apply to:
    • Owners, family members, or volunteers of a farm or ranch operation.
    • The private residence including areas around the home, backyard or garden.
    • Recreational activities such as horseback riding or hunting.

Additional resources: 

Alberta Farmers React to New OHS Agriculture Regulations FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | June 27, 2018

Health and safety on Alberta farms and ranches handbook

Statement from ASG President Ward Oatway

The following is a message from the Alberta Seed Growers president Ward Oatway regarding last week’s announcement by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) of an isolated discovery of a few wheat plants in Southern Alberta.…

“The Alberta Seed Growers have the utmost confidence in Canada’s regulatory system, which operated successfully to detect, eliminate and monitor an isolated discovery of genetically modified wheat in Southern Alberta. This information was shared transparently by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the outcomes are further supported by Crop Life Canada and the Canada Grains Council. The system works, and we are proud to support our industry’s full commitment towards transparency with our international customers.”

For further information or inquiries, please contact ASG executive director Kelly Chambers via email at [email protected].

For more information: 

CFIA: Statement by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency on the detection of genetically modified herbicide tolerant wheat in Alberta

Alberta Wheat Commission: CFIA process assures customers that no GM wheat is grown commercially in Canada

UPDATE – Alberta Wheat Commission: AWC welcomes the resumption of South Korea wheat trade