Important: Government of Alberta Fusarium Survey

Message from Kelly Chambers, Executive Director

Hello ASG members!

I hope this message finds you all well as we near the holiday season.

I am sending this note because, as you know, this is a critical time in our industry as we all continue to face the Fusarium issue throughout the province. As we work to achieve mitigation strategies that satisfy all stakeholders, I am pleased to say that the Government of Alberta has decided to engage directly with our members to help determine a solution.

As part of this initiative, the provincial government has created a survey to solicit feedback from members of commissions, associations, and industry groups in Alberta.

The information collected in this survey (link below) will help determine how best to manage Fusarium graminearum in the future, as well as help improve programs and services provided by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.

So, where do you come in?

Well, we need you to fill out this survey! The survey will open December 18, 2017 and be open for an extended period, until January 18, 2018.

The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to finish. A ‘save and return’ option is available that allows you to complete the full survey at a later date, as long as it is completed in advance of January 18, 2018.

Click here to access the survey.

Where do the Alberta Seed Growers stand?

As part of the FHB provincial working group, the Alberta Seed Growers have recommended the removal of Fusarium from the Alberta Agricultural Pest Act.

Fusarium exists throughout Alberta. This endorsement has been made to tackle this issue head-on by promoting increased awareness, greater access to best management practices, and surveillance.

Read more about our recommendations by clicking here.

Who should fill out this survey?

The survey is going to a number of targeted stakeholder groups impacted, or potentially impacted, by Fusarium in Alberta. If you are a member of the Alberta Seed Growers and have received this survey, we would love your feedback.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to lend your voice to this important matter. If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at [email protected]

Happy Holidays!

– Kelly